Featured In Top 100 Restaurants 2018 San Francisco Chronicle

"Where the dumplings excel are in their intense, finely crafted fillings. ... The gyoza are particularly good. ★  ½"
– Michael Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle

“The result of … extensive recipe-testing is a wide-ranging menu that includes a spectacular highlight: pork belly xiao long bao, which are fatty, soupy and delightful to slurp.”
– Food & Wine

“Many of the recipes at Dumpling Time were created or inspired by Feng’s mom, as well as Omakase executive chef Jackson Yu’s mom. Yay, moms.”
– Tablehopper

"While there are lots of little delights on this menu — like Beijing noodles with a meaty sauce that’s almost a bolognese — it’s the xiao long bao that likely spurred the management to put up a cautionary warning that things tend to run out. Beyond the tom yum goong — pork-belly-and-shrimp XLB that come wrapped in pink-tinted beet skins, half a dozen to an order — there is the “King-Dum,” a mega-bun that requires a stubby straw. ... It sits on a perforated paper wrapper, dusted with edible flowers and hogging a bamboo container all to itself — a mutant blob of deliciousness."
– SF Weekly

"[W]hat Dumpling Time boasts that nobody else in San Francisco offers yet is a spin on the famous giant xiao long bao, inspired by New York's Drunken Dumpling that requires a straw to consume. Dumpling Time's version is more refined, with more meat and less mess, showcasing a superiority to the original and a unique draw for the local dim sum crowds. ... Between that massive dumpling of deliciousness and the many scrumptious traditional and modern delights on the menu, it's clear that Dumpling Time is already beginning to cement itself as a San Francisco dim sum institution."

“Xi’an dumplings are … absolutely worth an order since [owner Kash] Feng is from the inland China town and the recipe comes directly from his mother. They’re like non-fried potstickers in shape and texture — plump, nearly bursting at the seams with pork ... [Steamed har gow] can’t be improved upon, especially because of the cilantro dipping sauce that was so refreshing I started dunking pieces of buns in it. … San Francisco diners clearly wanted a multi-style dumpling-themed restaurant in spotless surroundings, whether they knew it or not. The one they’ve got clearly shows the time — and place — for dumplings is right.”
– Bay Area Bites

“Dumpling Time’s menu strays into a few creative items, including a “tom yum goong” version of a xiao lung bao that’s filled with pork belly, black tiger shrimp, and coconut milk encased in a beet skin, making these little darlings a festive red coming to the table … I found the chicken bao lovely with a nice savory flavor for the filling and a slightly charred bottom.”
– Focus:Snap:Eat